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Mission and goals

  Through our zero waste policy, we offer various alternatives to disposable plastics, striving not to leave our mark on nature.
  We embarked on this mission because we want to give our customers a socially responsible way to enjoy a cup of good coffee.
   MOKA is a place to meet family and friends, enjoying freshly baked  coffee and homemade  desserts in a more unconventional setting for Sandanski.  

     Our business is an alternative cafe,  through  which makes people think about one of the main problems of humanity today,  namely unnecessary pollution of the environment.  

    At Moka Coffee & Cakes we offer  100% BIO Arabica coffee , homemade lemonade, fruit syrups, delicious homemade desserts, handmade wooden  games, hammocks, free spring water and lots of nice emotions.  


                                                                             Evgeniya & Felicien

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